• Fun Things For Kids to do At the Wedding & Reception

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    When you have kids join the wedding or the reception you are always risking the hit or miss situation of bored children running amuck.  Granted you would think your guests would take care of their children, or that distant relative would actually tell their child not to dance in the aisle as the ceremony takes place…but sometimes they don’t or sometimes they won’t.  So here are some great ideas for keeping any child busy and having fun so that regardless of what is going on, they are in their own little happy world.

    1. Have a kid table set up at the entry of the ceremony venue with fun stuff for the kids to do while the wedding takes place.  Think of stuff you would take with you when you baby sat, or things you loved to do BEFORE video games and smart phones came out.  These simple games and toys are actually pretty exciting to kids because they are new to them!

    2. At the reception set up a table just for the kids to go to during cocktail hour while guests are milling about and photos are being taken, the kids can gather around the “fun” table and pick out what they want to do.  You can add bubbles, sidewalk chalk, paddle ball, yo-yos, coloring books, crayons, washable markers, stickers, construction paper, craft glue, safety scissors, play-dough, etc. depending on the ages of your little guests.

    3. At the dinner hour you can have a table set aside just for kids to sit at so they can have fun talking together instead of being with the grown ups.  Think Thanksgiving dinner when you were a kid when the kid table was still fun!  You can have special little snacks set up for them to keep them happy until the dinner arrives, fun things to do and their own kid friendly favor that they get to keep.  It lets mom and dad have a break too!

    4. For your reception tables have fun stuff added to the centerpiece for the kids, as well as the grown ups.  Games and fun snacks, toys and goodies excite both parents and kids and gives them something to do together and bonds the table as well.  When you are forced to eat with perfect strangers, especially ones with kids, it is good to have something distracting and fun to make the mood casual and easy.

    Regardless of how you set it up remember that if you are allowing children to come to the wedding and the reception there will be those “funny” moments and to keep a humorous point of view because after all, if you were a kid what would you do? 🙂

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