• Paso Robles Food Trucks for Wine Country Weddings

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    by Kat Slay

    The trend for 2014 in Paso Robles that is now hitting wine country weddings is having a food truck either cater for cocktail hour, the reception itself or come by when the party is winding down to feed all of the hungry dancers before they (hopefully) drive home sober.

    Food trucks are an affordable and fresh way to change up how food is served and seen at wedding receptions.  In wine country you have so many more options of where you can have the ceremony and reception, outside themes and more casual atmosphere.  The food itself can range from sliders to gourmet plates all customized for the bride and groom’s taste.  There are trucks that offer just appetizers, full courses and just desserts, or all of the above!

    The great convenience of a food truck is its mobility to go anywhere (it can drive) and feed a mass amount of people quickly from the ready kitchen.  Caterers often have to use foreign facilities that slow down progress or bring in hot plates with pre-made food.  Food trucks can make it to order and know their little kitchen inside and out for quick access.

    For many couples, knowing their guests get home safely after drinking it up on the dance floor is also a concern so they bring in the munchies with a food truck to sober their friends and family up and tone down the partying right before everyone has to go.

    Depending on the style, the price, the complexity and the taste…here are some great food trucks in the Paso Robles area you can try out and see if you would like them at your upcoming wedding or event!

    1. Gusto on the Go | Website

    Gusto on the Go Food Truck2. Haute Skillet | Website

    Haute Skillet Food Truck3. Fundaro’s Foodstream | Website

    Fundaro's Foodstream Food Truck4. Granada’s Gypsy Caravan Food Truck | Website

    Granada's Gypsy Caravan Food Truck5.  The Pairing Knife | Website

    The Pairing Knife Food Truck


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