• Paso Robles Wedding Trend – Woodland Victorian Theme

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    For 2014 there are a plethora of wedding themes that are circulating out there.  Rustic-chic, country, formal, casual, vintage and so on as each bride has a different idea of her dream wedding.  The newest trend for this late summer is the “Woodland – Victorian” theme however, which brings nature, formal and vintage all together in one beautiful story tale.

    1. Woodland-Victorian Bride

    The woodland theme bride has a bit of nature and a bit of formal lace in her ensemble.  There is always a lot of flowers, in her hair, as a wreath, in her arms and maybe even in her trailing vail.  This is combined with a very lacy and formal wedding dress of off white or cream and is trending with a jeweled neckline.

    2. Woodland – Victorian Decor

    The decor is reminiscence of another time, similar to a wedding maybe for Robin Hood!  There are touches of wood, mushrooms, ferns, wildflowers and native plants mixed in with other arrangements, moss, branches, little lights that are more like fireflies, very natural colors everywhere and the venue is surrounded with trees.

    3. Unplugged Guests

    This is where the bride and groom gently asks that all phones/devices are to be turned off during the wedding and reception to better enjoy each other, the moments, and to not disrupt the flow of the ceremony.  This trend came when many a brides saw pictures all over Instagram that were not so flattering, or the fact that everyone is glued to their screens instead of taking part in the wedding.

    4. Victorian -Woodsy Flowers

    The floral for Woodland-Victorian themes are closer to the natural vegetation you find in the woods or a forest, with a wild flare and muted colors.

    5. Old Fashioned Portraits

    The woodland, Victorian bride and groom are now trending formal portraits where they are perfectly poised similar to the Victorian era, sometimes with no smile and very rigid and straight.  The cause of this is a timeless piece that is sentimental, different and artistic.


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