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    When you are planning your Paso Robles wedding and you want something a little different than the same ol’ rustic chic look, we have some great ideas for an art inspired wedding.  Art is very broad and you can pull from your favorite pop artist, painter, sculptor, modern artist or vintage watercolor print!  The colors are endless and each art theme has a different collection of emotions, styles and ways you can add special touches to your ceremony and reception.  Here are some fun art ideas for you to be creatively awed by as well as some artists we think are perfect for you!


    With shapes and color you can create a dynamic setting with a sculptural feel.  Try dramatic light shaped in many different creative ways, different colors of shaped clay or sculptural wax candles.  Have plants shaped in your desired art forms, or better yet have your wedding somewhere like Sculpterra winery where the sculptures are already all around you in the gardens.

    Pop Art:

    Make some “WOW” bursts, fun masks, have polka dot bridesmaid dresses and ties, add fun photo booth props or make your own love story comic book for your guests to take home.  Don’t forget all those bold and primary colors as well as unique pop art invitations.

    3.  Art Palette

    Make all kinds of details that focus on the color wheel, gradients and color combinations.  Add fun paintbrushes, put out little watercolor sets and paper for your guests to leave you a small painting, have all the bridesmaid dresses a different color, gradient your cake and throw some splashes of “paint” on it!

    4. Modern Art

    Be inspired by your favorite modern art gallery, graphic or painting and theme your wedding from the colors, shapes and design elements that are the main focus of the piece.  Create vibrancy, clean lines and modern flair with a bit of creativity.

    5. Pull from your Favorite Artist!

    Who inspires you, what draws you in and reminds you of your love for one another?  Is it the passion of Rodin and his sensual sculptures, the energetic work of Jyoti McKie with soul mate connections or the simple stroke of Art Nouveau?  Pick a fantastic piece of art that suits you and your partner and make it the starting point of your beautiful art themed wedding!

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