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    Photo by : Ballad Hall

    You just got engaged; you want to shout it from the rooftops, buy up all the wedding magazines and start pinning away on your wedding board…but wait, engagement photos come first!  These pictures will last you a lifetime and are all about both of you as a couple, not a wedding.  You get to truly be yourselves, in your element, wearing what is comfortable and showing the love between you in an intimate, fun and rewarding photo shoot.  Here are some great tips from some of the top photographers on what to expect:

    1. Make Sure Your Photographer Gets to Know You

    When you are first starting, your photographer should be asking you questions, finding out what you love and how to set up the location, your attire, props and anything else that shows your personalities and gets you in some great backgrounds.

    2. Location is Key

    Make sure that the location selected for your shots is a place you feel good showing your affection in, being yourself, will be great lighting, will honor your personalities and can create some dynamic photos.

    3. Get Direction and Interact

    Don’t be afraid to talk to your photographer throughout the shoot as they guide you on where to walk, how to sit, where to turn, eyes down, etc… You will want to have that communication flow freely if you want the best pictures that you are happy with in the end.

    4. Do Things Differently

    Be affectionate, show your relationship dynamic, jump off of a hill together, snuggle in the sand, cook together in the kitchen, slow dance on the dock, swing on the swing set at the park, feel happy and do things you would on a date being yourselves.

    5. Be Confident and Smile!

    It’s okay to show your smile, your teeth and your cheeks, those cute dimples or the crinkles by your eyes, it’s what makes you real and radiant!  Have confidence in your posture and your walk, pretend no one is looking but the two of you and remember you will look back on these and think of how young and gorgeous you were together!

    Check out this great ENGAGEMENT SHOOT by Ballad’s Photography

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