• Paso Robles Weddings with Your Kids – How to include them in the ceremony!

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    When you are a blended family you can bring children into the ceremony to make them feel loved, included and a part of the bonding process.  Kids need those promises too and to bring them into your special day means you respect them and want their involvement.  Here are a few ideas to help with including your kids into your wedding ceremony and making some amazing memories with your spouse and your children.

    1. Include them in the Ceremony bridal party

    You could have your boys escort you down the isle, your daughter be the flower girl, your son be the ring bearer, your children as junior bridesmaids/groomsmen, the boys be ushers, your daughter to hold the bouquet…numerous ideas!  Anything that lets them be involved and feel like they are important!

    2. Do a unity ceremony within your Vows

    You could do the empty vase where you and your spouse fill it up with different colors of water and the kids do the same all at the same time to symbolize your unity to make something beautiful.  (Think simple like blue and green, or yellow and red) You could have everyone get lays, crowns of flowers, symbolic necklaces, medallions or your own special gift.  You could have them all put flowers in the same vase, pour sand into the same giant shell, you get the idea!

    3. Have them be a part of the Vows

    If they are old enough to read and understand the vows, bring them into the vow ceremony by having them write their own, or writing some to reflect your promise to them, etc.  For older kids this is a big deal and can be a valuable moment of confidence and security for them.

    4. Have them do a Reading

    Have your child read from a poem, a sonnet, from love letters, from a short speech, whichever is age appropriate and special to you, easy for them to read and understand and comfortable enough for them to say in front of a group.

    5. Have your kids think of ideas for Them

    Your kids might have an amazing idea that they really want to do in your wedding, something special from them that they thought of and from their heart.  They might want to sing a song, have a group hug at the end, show a piece of art of your blending family, or something else that is specific to them.  It is great to get their input and make it original to their age and their own way of showing love.  It may not be the “traditional thing” but it will mean the world to your child when you listen to them and let them express it in their own way.

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